World’s Funniest Clogs

If you can recall ever clogging someone’s or your own toilet, it’s probably pretty hilarious in hindsight. In your mind you are able to see yourself calmly tapping the lever for a little flush, but see panic rise quickly as your toilet begins to swirl and fill and fill as you pray it doesn’t meet the edge and spill over. Now imagine the horror these witnesses felt when they had to deal with the following world’s funniest clogs!

Dead Iguana Clog

In June of 2015, Marian Lindquist and her daughter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida found themselves calling a professional to unclog their toilet after noticing it would not flush and would back up, despite trying to plunge it out themselves. Alisa Scott of Roto-Rooter arrived with a large snake to try to unclog it and discovered it was catching on something large and solid; an iguana! As she worked it free from the opening, she thought it was a toy, but when it moved, she knew it wasn’t. Her conclusion of this mystery was that the iguana probably came down from the main roof vent opening and got stuck somewhere, and looked for the largest opening- the toilet. Homeowner, Marian, could not stand to see the iguana rescued at the time, but her and her daughter were very sad to learn that the iguana did not make it out alive.

A Clogged Toilet That Caused a 15 Hour Flight Delay

Again in 2015, a British flight to Dubai was halted and completely turned around only 30 minutes into the fly due to the most foul stench coming from the restroom. Passengers took to Twitter; one British politician aboard the plane tweeted that his flight was being delayed to do “a smelly poo in the toilet!”. The captain of the plane made light of the situation, calling the mystery passenger a toilet terrorist and even described the situation as “liquid fecal excrement”. He was very adament that it was to no fault of the airline. The passengers were told they’d reboard in 3 hours, but the delay was 15 hours in the end.

Blood in The Streets

In a small town, Koscierzyna of Poland, 2012, residents were in awe over the amount of blood coming up from manhole covers in the street just down the way from two schools. It scared plenty of students and parents as they were arriving. Upon investigation, officials learned that the blood was from a nearby meat processing facility and its discards had come up due to a blocked drain somewhere along the drainage system. Municipal authorities say it was soon cleaned up.

A Storm of Coffee Creamer

This one is hilarious! In South Carolina 1969, The Borden Company that manufactures Cremora, a powder coffee creamer, had an incident when its exhaust fans quit. It’s reported the company experienced issues with their exhaust fans before and each time, the creamer would escape from the plant, out into the atmosphere. One day, the State Health Department was called to investigate why there was a white powder covering cars, homes, and everything outside. The mixture would become a sticky disaster when mixed with South Carolina’s rain or dew. One resident said, “creamer fell like snowflakes”. 1991, The Borden Company was finally fined $4,000 for allowing the creamer to escape the plant’s boundaries.

Rockstar Lenny Kravitz Sued Over Clogged Toilet

In October 2004, Lenny Kravitz was sued for causing damage to a neighboring apartment in New York. The damage was an estimated $300,000.00. Upon this investigation, the sleuth insurance company claimed in court that Kravitz allowed the toilet to become blocked with various materials and caused major water damage to the neighboring 2.84 million dollar apartment. To make matters worse, Kravitz was sued an additional two times by other neighbors who claimed he had damaged their apartments in the same way. Needless to say, Kravitz no longer lives there.

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